Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dangerous Power G3 Upgraded Bolts

Upgrading your bolt in your Dangerous Power G3 is an easy, but worth wile task. An upgraded bolt is designed to up your accuracy, speed, and efficiency of your marker. They do this by cutting down the weight of the bolt by either using different materials, or just using less of them. By doing this, you also achieve a reduced kick when shooting your gun as there is not as much weight moving back and forth. Most upgraded bolts also have a new "softer" shaped face, to be more sensitive on the Paintballs when pushing them out of the breach. This will allow you to shoot more brittle paint then before and reduce the risk of chopping.

Another option to upgrading your bolt on your Dangerous Power G3 would be a Bolt Engine. This allows you to not only replace the bolt face, but your bolt guide and housing along with it. This makes it so you can adjust your modes, such as dwell and operating pressure, to achieve better consistency and efficiency along with all the other features that come with an upgraded bolt. The G3 Bolt Engine also comes standard with a "tool-less" disassemble for easy "at field" maintenance.

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